In the fall of 1956, Elliot began renting on small studio on Morton St in New York City’s West Village. He lived there alone and, unlike the rest of the townhouse, the unit’s interior went unchanged – his 63-year hermetic occupancy preserved the crumbling plaster, parquet floors and cast iron sinks.

Now, the apartment is being prepared for renovation  and will soon be integrated with the duplex below.   

Occupying a one week latency – between the studio’s vacant-but-not-quite-empty state and the Department of Building’s approval of demolition permits – Christine Giorgio and Amelyn Ng acquired access and invited several musicians, architects, writers and actors to create work responding to the space, its recently departed tenant and the building’s history.

Over three days in June, the studio apartment was occupied once more to trace, commemorate and document this pre-demolition moment in time.

Three Days at 50 Morton St
Studio, Salon, Exhibition
June 12 - 14, 2019

Co-curator: Amelyn Ng