Taking a single frame from Michelangelo Antonioni's L’AVVENTURA as a point of departure, this film explores re-staging as a particular quality of obsession - a re-mise-en-scène with moments of alignment and misalignment that is less interested in precision and more in accuracy, as in truth.  
The film is an accumulation of thousands of photographs that puts my process, and my obsession, on display. Some of the photographs were made quickly, over the course of day. Some took months of planning, or involved traveling to the site of the original.

MONICA VITTI/ERINN RUTH began as a monograph—a book composed of photographs and hand-made objects, all derived from the image of Monica Vitti in the film L’AVVENTURA. The project evolved into a film, composed of the many photographs made during the produciton of the book, and the photographs I would make in the year to follow.

Eventually I traveled to Sicily and chartered a small boat to Lisca Bianca. With spiral bound photocopies of stills from the film, I re-framed Antonioni’s original shots on the same site, seventy years later, without actors.

Of filming L’Avventura, Antonioni wrote, “Every morning we would go by boat to film on a rock called Lisca Bianca, twenty minutes from Panarea. When the sea was calm you could see puffs of mist coming out of the water and dissolving in many little sulfurous bubbles. But it was never calm. It was always stormy. In that brief trip to Lisca Bianca we were literally risking out lives. I believe I came to hate it, that sea.”

14 minute video
Director: Christine Giorgio
Performer: Erinn Ruth

Cinematography: Christine Giorgio & Giuseppe Sortino
Editor: Christine Giorgio
Production Manager: Erika Yeomans
Lighting Design: Milton De La Cruz
Hair & Makeup: Angel Yu
Production Assistants: Valentina Flora Angelucci, Daqian Cao, Valeria Paez Cala