This monograph is about obsessions, objects and operations. It’s about looking and about re-staging. 

Obsession: I have had an obsession for a long time: the 1960 film L’Avventura directed by Michelangelo Antonioni. The location, Lisa Bianca, is a small island that’s more rock than island. And it’s as menacing as it is captivating.

Object: Plastic, wood, metal and fabric. Each material suggests a site, a drawing.

Operation: As I feel my way through these objects, drawing out clues to their potential forms, I project my own obsessions onto the landscape of these materials.

Sometimes obsessions don’t end well, but more often it’s that we don’t realize their impact until much later. Through this work, I arrive at a deeper understanding of how all things possess the ability and vulnerability to be unmade and remade.  

The Bitter End
A Monograph
GSAPP Sutdio Project
Critics: Ada Tolla, Giuseppe Lignano, Thomas de Monchaux
Crown Quarto; 200 pages