Four is a feature film that unfolds in abandoned strip malls, diner parking lots, bedrooms and motels. During the course of Fourth of July celebrations, Joe, a closeted college professor, goes on a date with June, a much younger man he met online. Joe’s daughter Abigayle is also out with a boy from her school. For the next few hours, the two couples drive around, engage in nervous conversation and struggle to transcend differences in race, class, age and mode of expression.
As the producer, I led the production of the film from script to distribution including story development, capital raising, casting, personnel hiring, budgeting and scheduling.

Feature Film
74 minutes

Written and Directed by Joshua Sanchez

Based on the Play by Christopher Shinn

Cast: Wendell Pierce, Aja Naomi King, Emory Cohen and EJ Bonilla

Theatrical: 306 Releasing
Video/Streaming: Wolfe Releasing